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DAZN Bet’s recent induction into the German Sports Betting Association marks a strategic expansion move, demonstrating its commitment to providing a regulated and enhanced betting experience in Germany’s competitive market.

Short Summary:

  • DAZN Bet joins the German Sports Betting Association (DSWV)
  • Pragmatic Play extends Sportsbook offering to Germany in partnership with DAZN Bet
  • German license acquisition supports market entry and player protection standards

Supplier Pragmatic Play has significantly expanded its footprint in Germany by integrating its Sportsbook product with DAZN Bet, facilitated through a successful collaboration with Pragmatic Solutions. This expansion marks a notable milestone in the strategy to serve as a multi-channel provider in regulated markets globally. The move was underpinned by the Player Account Management (PAM) platform technology from Pragmatic Solutions, making the service accessible to all PAM licensees.

Gareth Crook, SVP of Sports at Pragmatic Play, emphasised the significance of this expansion, stating, “Our entry into the German betting market again proves the ability to launch our Sportsbook product in a competitive and highly regulated market, fast on the heels of our Spain launch in October. We are delighted to be partnering with DAZN Bet to achieve their growth plans, this time in Germany.”

Daniel Berthold, Managing Director Germany, Austria, UK & New Markets at DAZN Bet, echoed similar sentiments. “We are excited to announce the launch of our new Sportsbook platform in Germany through our partnership with Pragmatic Play. The new platform provides us with a competitive set of features, tailored to perfectly meet the essential requirements to be successful in the German market.”

This partnership with Pragmatic Play is not DAZN Bet’s first expansion initiative. Last month, Pragmatic Play connected with KirolBet in Spain, adding their popular slot games to the online casino platform. This expansion illustrates the symbiotic relationship aimed at enhancing the overall player experience across multiple jurisdictions.

Pronouncing their commitment to a safe and regulated betting environment, DAZN Bet has also been welcomed as a member of the German Sports Betting Association (DSWV). This membership signifies the operator’s pledge to uphold high standards of player protection and innovation in Germany. Mathias Dahms, President of the DSWV, commented on the addition, stating:

“With DAZN Bet, we have another digital sports betting provider in the association that helps to ensure the standards for player protection in the German betting environment. We are delighted to welcome the team to the ranks of the DSWV.”

Berthold, on behalf of DAZN Bet, expressed, “We are delighted to be a member of the German Sports Betting Association. This partnership underlines our commitment to a safe, fair, and regulated sports betting market in Germany. At DAZN Bet, we are committed to providing sports fans with a unique and comprehensive experience in a responsibly designed environment. Together with the DSWV, we will continue to promote high standards of player protection and drive innovation to ensure the satisfaction and safety of our users.”

DAZN Bet, owned by sports media streaming service DAZN, is known for offering sports content to fans in over 200 countries. Its entry into the sports betting sector dates back to its formation in April 2022, following a partnership with Pragmatic Gaming. The recent German licence acquisition is part of the overall strategy to modernise and expand DAZN Bet’s offerings.

The company operates under the domain and has solidified its position by joining the white list of Germany’s gambling regulator, Gemeinsamen Glücksspielbehörde der Länder (GGL). The white list currently features 31 sports betting operators, including notable names like Jackpot50, 888, and Tipico.

The establishment of the GGL dates back to July 2021, following the Fourth State Treaty on Gambling (GlüNeuRStv), which was brought into force to regulate gaming activities across Germany. DAZN Bet’s inclusion signifies regulatory compliance and commitment to the German market’s integrity.

DAZN’s ambitions in sports betting have amplified since Shay Segev took over as CEO in January 2022. His tenure has marked a period of aggressive expansion and innovation. In April, Sandeep Tiku joined the company as CTO, and Mark Kemp was brought in as the CEO of DAZN Bet to spearhead the company’s betting strategies.

The convergence of sports streaming and betting represents a growing trend. Analysts predict this domain will become a significant battleground for competitive sports streaming service providers. DAZN Bet’s strategic moves, including its partnership with Pragmatic Play and the acquisition of the German licence, position it well within this competitive landscape.

However, the market presents challenges. The short-lived venture of Fox Bet is a reminder that success requires navigating a complex and rapidly evolving industry terrain. DAZN Bet’s drive for expansion and innovation, supported by robust regulatory compliance, aims to ensure a successful and impactful presence in the heavily regulated German market.

As industry dynamics continue to shift, DAZN Bet and its partners will need to remain adaptive and vigilant. Innovations in player protection standards, coupled with sophisticated technology integrations, will be critical components in securing long-term success and customer satisfaction in Germany and beyond.

The integration of new platforms and features underpinned by Pragmatic Play’s solutions represents a significant leap toward achieving DAZN Bet’s growth ambitions. With consistent efforts to enhance user experiences and a staunch commitment to regulatory adherence and player protection, DAZN Bet is set to become a noteworthy entrant in the German sports betting market.

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