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In an exciting development for Euro 2024, Betfair Exchange spotlights 7/1 long shot Romania, highlighting key players and strategic fouls bets. Analysts believe Romania could bring unexpected results to the tournament.

Short Summary:

  • Denis Drăguș and other players tipped for first-half fouls.
  • Betfair’s Euro 2024 predictions include valuable long-shot bets.
  • Tipman Tips provides strategic insights and free betting resources.

Euro 2024 Predictions: Why Romania is a 7/1 Long Shot Worth Considering

The Euro 2024 tournament has many experts and analysts offering predictions, but an intriguing choice highlighted by the Betfair Exchange is Romania, specifically at 7/1 odds. Bettors are encouraged to place their faith in Romania, largely due to strategic foul play and key player performances.

Key Players and Predictions

Denis Drăguș, likely to be a vital player for Romania, is expected to be aggressive in his playstyle, contributing to the team’s overall strategy. Drăguș has netted 14 times in the Turkish league and is known for his defensive work off the ball. His stats are impressive, averaging 1.7 tackles and 2.3 fouls per game.

“Denis Drăguș is a defensive powerhouse in Romania’s attack, making him indispensable,” commented Tipman Tips.

Additionally, Amadou Onana and Ondrej Duda are playing pivotal roles in their teams, each marked as all-action midfielders who won’t shy away from committing fouls. Onana and Duda’s skills have been rigorously tested in the Premier League and Serie A, respectively.

The Fouls Strategy

The strategy of focusing on first-half fouls involves meticulously tracked performances of key players. Tipman Tips has identified Denis Drăguș to commit at least one first-half foul, Amadou Onana and Ondrej Duda to follow the same pathway, and Adrien Rabiot from France to commit similar actions. These insights are not arbitrary but are based on extensive statistics from their club seasons.

Drăguș’s contribution enriches the betting predictions at Euro 2024. Drăguș isn’t shy about getting stuck in, averaging 1.7 tackles per game and committing 2.3 fouls on average.

“Given his track record, placing a bet on Drăguș to commit at least one first-half foul appears an insightful choice,” says Tipman Tips.

Onana and Duda, on the other hand, are seasoned all-action midfielders. Onana has averaged 2.3 tackles and 1.2 fouls per game this season, while Duda has managed 1.7 fouls per game facing heavy opposing attacks in Serie A.

Recommended Strategy and Offers

Football fans are presented with the opportunity to tap into Tipman Tips’ premium services, which include free trial betting tips. Their impressive monthly profit records resign over 2,000 subscribers.

“Subscribers gain access to valuable and consistently accurate betting insights, bolstering their chances at strategic success,” adds Tipman Tips.

Concurrently, Betfair’s Euro 2024 preview show offers listeners the chance to hear from experts like Mark O’Haire and Emmet O’Keefe, who share seasoned predictions about potential winners and star players. Mark O’Haire, a well-known betting tipster, has suggested backing long shots like Austria (85.0), Hungary (120.0), and Ukraine (130.0). He also recommends keeping an eye on players like Cristiano Ronaldo and promising young talents such as Dominik Szoboszlai.

Engaging with Betfair’s Resources

Betfair provides various resources to enhance the betting experience at Euro 2024. Utilising tools such as Acca or Bet Builder, bettors can customise their stakes based on thorough analysis and predictions.

Moreover, Betfair’s Safer Gambling Tools ensure that bettors engage responsibly. This emphasises their initiative to create a secure betting environment during the high-stress tournament period.

Conclusion: A Strategic and Insightful Betting Approach

Betting on Romania as a 7/1 long shot for Euro 2024 offers a blend of strategic gameplay and value addition. The rigorous analysis of key players’ tendencies to commit fouls, combined with betting insights from experts, provides a well-rounded approach to making informed bets.

For further news and betting insights for Euro 2024, visit and explore detailed news updates, ensuring you’re always in-the-know during this electrifying football season.

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