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Football enthusiasts are gearing up for a thrilling showdown in the Euro 2024 quarter-finals, where Kylian Mbappe is the centre of attention. The Betfair Exchange has set enticing odds for Mbappe to score against Belgium, creating a buzz among fans and bettors alike.

Short Summary:

  • Kylian Mbappe’s form and impact on the French team
  • Belgium’s challenges in defence
  • Exciting betting opportunities on the Betfair Exchange

For those following the Euro 2024, the upcoming clash between France and Belgium is set to be a spectacle, with multiple layers of excitement. Both teams have shown prowess in the tournament, but it’s the presence of Kylian Mbappe that has generated significant betting interest. France’s last competition exit at the hands of Switzerland is a sharp reminder of the unpredictability of football, but with Mbappe back in the fold, there’s renewed hope for “Les Bleus”. In his recent performances, he has netted eight goals in his last 13 international appearances, setting high expectations for the upcoming match.

Belgium’s defence, however, has shown vulnerabilities. Thibaut Courtois’ absence leaves a defensive void, with Wout Faes and Jan Vertonghen holding the fort. While Belgium’s previous group stage performances were not disastrous, their failure to score against Slovakia and Ukraine brought to light some critical inefficiencies in their attack and defence alike. This scenario enhances the betting appetite, where the odds of Mbappe scoring, set at 2.76, are deemed lucrative.

Adding to the excitement, Betfair is offering unique promotions. For bettors backing a team to win Euro 2024, there’s a proposition to earn free bets for every goal scored by their chosen team during the group stages. This could influence betting strategies, whether aligning with high-scoring teams like Portugal, which netted 36 goals in qualifiers, or underdogs with potential surprises like Austria, Hungary, or Ukraine.

The Euro 2024 lineup is robust, with teams that have shown commendable performances to book their spots in Germany. These include powerhouses like France, England, and hosts Germany, alongside spirited nations like Albania, Austria, and Hungary. Teams are grouped into six pools, with the top two from each and the best four third-placed teams reaching the knockout stages. Critical fixtures and potential group stage surprises set the stage for intense competition, adding layers to the betting dynamics and fans’ expectations.

The quarter-final between France and Belgium is critical. Belgium’s underwhelming defence and midfield against Mbappe’s striking ability are pivotal talking points. Expert opinions like Tobias Gourlay’s suggest backing Mbappe to score, considering his form and Belgium’s weakened defence without a world-class custodian like Courtois. Gourlay emphasises that, “Mbappe’s pace and shooting prowess could be too much for Faes and Vertonghen to handle,” validating the betting odds offered by Betfair.

France and Belgium’s encounter thus is not just a clash of football titans but also a rich opportunity for bettors. While traditional wagers on match outcomes remain, props on player performances, like Mbappe netting a goal, are gaining traction. The anticipation around Mbappe’s performance stems from his undeniable talent and the crucial role he plays in Didier Deschamps’ strategy. The coach’s reliance on his star forward is not misplaced, especially with an even-money chance of France clinching the match in regulation time being a sound bet.

The buzz doesn’t stop with just France and Belgium. The entire Euro 2024 tournament slated June 14 to July 14 in Germany has several interesting fixtures. Highlights include England’s path laden with potential upsets and strategic games defining Gareth Southgate’s squad’s journey. The Three Lions’ matches against groups with formidable opponents like Switzerland or Italy in the knockouts would also be pivotal in the overall tournament narrative.

Betfair’s Safer Gambling Tools ensure responsible betting is maintained throughout the tournament. Bettors are encouraged to use these tools to manage their betting activities effectively during Euro 2024. The website also offers detailed previews and tips through its Euro 2024 Hub, making it a go-to resource for both enthusiasts and serious bettors.

As excitement builds, fans and bettors can look forward to an array of high-stakes matches, thrilling performances, and rewarding betting opportunities. With France’s Mbappe in top form and Belgium’s defence under scrutiny, fans are in for a captivating football spectacle interwoven with strategic betting decisions. Head over to to stay updated on the latest betting trends and game previews.

“Mbappe’s pace and shooting prowess could be too much for Faes and Vertonghen to handle,” – Tobias Gourlay, betting expert.

As we count down to the quarter-finals, the excitement is palpable. Will Mbappe live up to the hype and lead France to victory, or will Belgium surprise everyone with a solid defence? Place your bets wisely, and enjoy the football feast that Euro 2024 promises to deliver.

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