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Henry Birch, former CEO of Rank Group and The Very Group, is in discussions to potentially lead Entain, the parent company of Ladbrokes, amidst a backdrop of significant regulatory and corporate challenges.

Short Summary:

  • Henry Birch, ex-Rank Group CEO, considered for Entain leadership.
  • Entain faces regulatory, market, and leadership challenges.
  • Investor pressures and asset sales signify turbulent times for Entain.

In recent developments, Henry Birch, the former head of Rank Group and The Very Group, is a top candidate to take over the reins at Entain, the renowned FTSE-100 company that owns Ladbrokes. Several industry sources, including Sky News, confirm that Birch is under serious consideration amidst a challenging period for Entain, laden with regulatory scrutiny and internal restructuring.

As the recruitment process unfolds, other names, including Dan Taylor, CEO of Flutter Entertainment’s global operations, have surfaced as contenders. This search for leadership comes after the resignation of Jette Nygaard-Andersen in December, following a series of significant setbacks for the company.

Entain, a giant in the online gambling industry, is dealing with multiple issues on several fronts. Following Nygaard-Andersen’s departure, Stella David, a non-executive director, has been serving as the interim CEO. However, the pressure to appoint a permanent leader with robust gambling expertise has been mounting as the company navigates a steady decline in share prices and regulatory investigations.

Boardroom Upheaval and Regulatory Woes

The turbulence within Entain’s boardroom mirrors its declining market performance. The company’s market value has plunged dramatically, halving in just a year to a current capitalisation of roughly £5 billion. This stark decline can be attributed to a mix of regulatory problems and strategic decisions that failed to resonate well with investors.

Entain’s troubled waters were underscored by a hefty £615 million settlement to resolve a bribery investigation linked to its former Turkish operations. This financial blow, coupled with ongoing regulatory hurdles in various international markets, has attracted sharp criticism of the company’s governance and long-term strategy.

“Henry Birch’s extensive experience in the gambling sector makes him a fitting candidate to steer Entain during these turbulent times,” sources close to the matter told Sky News. They emphasise his tenure at William Hill Online and Rank Group, where he played pivotal roles in steering the companies towards key milestones.

Strategic Sales and Investor Pressures

Recent months have seen Entain actively seeking to offload several non-core operations to streamline its focus on primary markets. This move comes amidst growing discontent from activist investors, including renowned names like Ricky Sandler of Eminence Capital, who have called for a sharper strategic focus and more robust governance.

The sale of assets like PartyPoker and BetCity, which was acquired for £398 million last year, indicates a strategic shift towards fortifying core operations. Sources suggest that private equity giants such as Apollo Global Management and CVC Capital have shown interest in acquiring some of the company’s valuable assets, hinting at a potential breakup or significant transformation within Entain.

“By refocusing on core operations, Entain positions itself for potential full or partial acquisitions,” reported The Times of London. This reinforces the narrative that the company might be preparing for sweeping changes under its new leadership.

Adding to Entain’s woes, its stock performance has been lacklustre since rejecting acquisition bids from DraftKings and MGM in 2021. These bids had pegged the company’s valuation significantly higher than its current market cap, reflecting the broader industry’s scepticism regarding Entain’s recent strategic moves and acquisitions.

Executive Search amidst Activist Pressure

The search for a new CEO, including candidates like Birch and Taylor, aligns with shareholders’ demand for a leader with strong industry credentials who can navigate regulatory landscapes and rejuvenate investor confidence. Last week, media reports indicated that former bosses of Coral and SkyBet had turned down offers to lead Entain, adding urgency to the recruitment drive.

Interestingly, Birch’s candidature is marked by a distinguished career throughout the gambling industry. He not only led William Hill Online to new heights but also played a transformative role at Rank Group and The Very Group. During his tenure at The Very Group, Birch successfully surpassed the £2 billion annual sales threshold, underscoring his capability as an adept leader in both online and offline environments.

Corporate Transformations Ahead

To stabilise the ship, Entain’s board has taken proactive steps by appointing Ricky Sandler as a non-executive director and replacing outgoing chairman Barry Gibson with Stella David. These moves are seen as attempts to fortify governance structures amid mounting pressure from multiple stakeholders.

Moreover, the company’s active pursuit of selling non-core brands and focusing on primary markets suggests a comprehensive strategic pivot, potentially aimed at either preparing for a future sale or fortifying its standalone business prospects. Industry observers speculate that the entry of Henry Birch as CEO could accelerate this transformation process, given his solid track record and industry expertise.

“Entain’s current trajectory under interim leadership signals an interim phase awaiting a strategic leader like Birch who can instil investor confidence and navigate regulatory landscapes efficiently,” noted industry analysts at Financial Times.


As Entain moves closer to appointing its next CEO, the industry eagerly watches for the final decision, which could set the pace for its future growth and stability amidst challenging market conditions. Henry Birch, with his rich background and strategic acumen, appears to be a strong candidate to lead Entain through its current turbulent phase, driving reforms and reinforcing governance to regain its market standing.

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