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England’s dynamic duo, Luke Humphries and Michael Smith, powered their nation to a historic fifth BetVictor World Cup of Darts win, triumphing over Austria with a 10-6 victory in the finals held in Frankfurt.

Short Summary:

  • England secured their fifth World Cup of Darts title, the first since 2016.
  • Humphries and Smith dominated the final match against Austria with exceptional performances.
  • The winning pair contributed significantly in the semi-finals and finals with stellar checkouts and strategic play.

England Clinches Historic Victory in BetVictor World Cup of Darts

In an extraordinary display of skill and teamwork, England’s Luke Humphries and Michael Smith delivered a resounding 10-6 victory over Austria, clinching their first World Cup of Darts title since 2016 and the nation’s fifth overall. The tournament, held at the Eissporthalle in Frankfurt, saw the top-seeded pair outclass their Austrian counterparts, Rowby-John Rodriguez and Mensur Suljovic, to make history.

Path to Victory

England’s journey to the final was marked by a series of commanding performances. The pair began with an impressive 8-3 win against France before securing 8-4 victories over Northern Ireland and Scotland on Finals Day.

“We really wanted this. We really believed we could win it, and when you’ve got the world number one and world number three playing together, it’s a bit of a cheat code!” – Luke Humphries

Humphries’ words echoed the confidence and synergy that characterised the duo’s performance throughout the tournament.

High-Stakes Showdown

In the finals, England quickly established a 5-1 lead, thanks to Humphries’ brilliant dual-double 18 finish and a fantastic 151 checkout. Despite a spirited fightback from the Austrian team reducing the score to 6-4, Humphries and Smith were unyielding.

Defining Moments

  • Humphries scored four 100+ checkouts, including jaw-dropping finishes of 151, 130, 121, and 112.
  • Smith capped the victory by hitting double eight, an answer to Suljovic’s 98 checkout that kept the match alive momentarily.

“I’ve felt the biggest buzz I’ve had since winning the Worlds,” – Luke Humphries

For Smith, who assumed a captain’s role, this victory stood among his career highlights. He expressed his joy:

“This is what I’ve always wanted. I’ve finally got my gold medal now. It’s no longer just Adrian and Phil; it’s now Luke and Michael as well.” – Michael Smith

An Epic Sunday

England’s semi-final win against Scotland (8-4) followed their quarter-final success over Northern Ireland by the same scoreline. On the other hand, Austria narrowly edged past Croatia 8-7 in a thrilling quarter-final before defeating Belgium 8-3 in the semis. Despite Austria’s impressive journey, which saw them comeback victories and an emphatic performance against Belgium, they couldn’t match the exceptional prowess of the English duo.

Austria’s Gallant Effort

Rodriguez and Suljovic’s route to the finals was equally impressive, conceding only five legs in three matches to reach Finals Day. Their tenacity was evident as they fought back from daunting deficits in critical matches.

“We lost to the world number one and the world number three. Luke and Michael played brilliantly. 140, 180s, big finishes. Absolute respect.” – Mensur Suljovic

Rodriguez, reflecting on their final appearance, saw it as a milestone:

“We are disappointed to lose in the final, but we are happy with the way we played this weekend. If somebody had told us before this weekend we would have made the final, we would have signed for that, 100%.” – Rowby-John Rodriguez

Luke and Michael’s Stellar Performance

Humphries, with his high-checkout spectacle, and Smith, with his consistent scoring, created a devastating combination that was too formidable for any opposition. Their success brings England back to the pinnacle of the World Cup, a position it last held when darts legends Phil Taylor and Adrian Lewis secured the title in 2016.

A Look Ahead

With this monumental victory, the duo has not only etched their names in the darts history books but also set the stage for further successes. Humphries hopes to return next year to defend their title, adding, “This is one of the greatest feelings ever. To be World Cup champions for the first time in eight years, it really does mean the world.”

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Background: The Road to the Finals

Earlier in the competition, defending champions Wales were knocked out by Croatia in the second round. The Belgian squad faced heartbreak yet again, falling in the semi-finals despite a strong tournament showing. Scotland’s duo, Peter Wright and Gary Anderson, narrowly lost to Sweden in a dramatic quarter-final match that saw Sweden come back from a significant deficit.

Detailed Match Statistics

The tournament was a showcase of high-quality darts, with several key moments defining the outcomes of the games. The final match statistics are particularly noteworthy:

  • England’s fifth World Cup title
  • Smith and Humphries’ first win since 2016
  • Four 100+ checkouts by Humphries
  • Smith’s crucial double eight finisher

This World Cup of Darts will be remembered not just for the games but also for the camaraderie and sportsmanship displayed by all participants, particularly the gracious Austrian team.

Tournament Recap

The 2024 BetVictor World Cup of Darts delivered thrilling action and brilliant performances from start to finish. Here are some of the critical matches leading to the final:

“This is the biggest buzz I’ve felt since the World Championship.” – Luke Humphries

For Michael Smith, achieving this victory is a career-defining moment, positioning him and Humphries alongside the greats of English darts.

“Hopefully now that gives me the confidence to kick on. I know my game is starting to come, and now I’m going into the World Matchplay as a World Cup champion!” – Michael Smith

Austria’s journey also fuels their hope and strategy moving forward as they eye participating in November’s Grand Slam of Darts. Rodriguez’s ambitions reflect their determined spirit.

“If somebody had told us before this weekend we would have made the final, we would have signed for that, 100%.” – Rowby-John Rodriguez


England’s victory in the BetVictor World Cup of Darts is a testament to the skill, strategy, and synergy of Luke Humphries and Michael Smith. Their triumph not only reaffirms England’s dominance in the sport but also establishes them as a formidable pair in future tournaments. As the darts world looks forward to the next grand event, fans and players alike will remember the 2024 World Cup for its breathtaking displays of talent and sportsmanship.

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