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LeoVegas Group is excited to announce an extended collaboration with BetMGM and Newcastle United, promising innovative initiatives and exclusive experiences for fans.

Short Summary:

  • BetMGM and Newcastle United extend their successful partnership.
  • New initiatives to enhance fan engagement are being introduced.
  • The partnership aims to bolster BetMGM’s brand visibility globally.

The LeoVegas Group has officially announced a continued collaboration between BetMGM and Newcastle United, strengthening a relationship that began in 2023. The new agreement will further reinforce BetMGM’s presence within the global football community, particularly among fans of Newcastle United. This development is an exciting extension of BetMGM’s role as the Official Betting Partner of the club.

Driving Innovation and Fan Engagement

Since the inception of the partnership last year, BetMGM has achieved substantial visibility and engagement through Newcastle United’s promotional platforms. The football club, which enjoys a vast global fanbase, has showcased BetMGM on LED boards, big screens, and static advertising spaces at St. James’ Park. This enhanced visibility has been a cornerstone of the collaboration, offering BetMGM the reach to millions of football fans worldwide.

“Newcastle United and BetMGM have had an exceptional first year together,” noted Peter Silverstone, Chief Commercial Officer of Newcastle United. “We have helped BetMGM to drive brand awareness and engagement in key markets, supporting its aim to create the world’s greatest iGaming experience. This new agreement is testament to the effectiveness of the club’s profile and support of BetMGM, and we are delighted to enhance our support of one another on the next step of our exciting journeys.”

The partnership is set to introduce even more engaging initiatives for fans. BetMGM, known for its innovative gaming experiences, will continue to offer exclusive content and unique interactions with Newcastle United’s first-team players. These elements will not only enrich the fan experience but also drive BetMGM’s brand loyalty and customer engagement.

BetMGM’s UK Director, Sam Behar, emphasised the success of the collaboration, stating:

“Our BetMGM partnership with Newcastle United has been a success, and we are thrilled to continue building on this fruitful collaboration. The club is incredibly ambitious, and their drive aligns perfectly with our Group’s core values. We are eager to start this season and see Newcastle United continue their journey.”

Expanding Horizons through Partnerships

BetMGM’s collaboration with Newcastle United is part of a broader strategy to expand its footprint in the Premier League. This week alone, BetMGM secured partnerships with other major clubs, including Wolves and Tottenham Hotspur. These agreements are designed to increase the brand’s visibility and market presence, helping BetMGM to solidify its position as a leading name in the iGaming industry. The timing of these deals coincides with BetMGM’s recent launches in the UK and the Netherlands, reinforcing its commitment to the European market.

“This is our third Premier League deal in just a week, and we look forward to kicking off this exciting season as we continue to grow BetMGM’s presence in the world of sports,” added Sam Behar.

For fans and customers, the new and extended partnership means more opportunities for unique game-day experiences, giveaways, and exclusive promotions. One such offering is BetMGM’s ‘Golden Goals’ initiative, which features a substantial £2 million prize for predicting six correct Premier League scores. This initiative, alongside other enhanced bonuses and promotions, underscores BetMGM’s commitment to delivering top-tier entertainment and engagement.

BetMGM’s Commitment to Innovation

BetMGM has made significant strides in the iGaming industry by continuously innovating its product offerings. Known for providing one of the largest jackpots in the UK, currently totalling £15.4 million, BetMGM is dedicated to offering unparalleled gaming experiences. This dedication is mirrored in its approach to the collaboration with Newcastle United.

“Throughout this partnership, we are looking to help BetMGM further establish itself in the UK market, as well as enhance customers’ knowledge around responsible gambling,” stated Ryan Norys, Chief Revenue Officer at Tottenham Hotspur.

The partnership’s success highlights the mutual benefits for both BetMGM and Newcastle United. While BetMGM gains enhanced brand visibility and fan engagement, Newcastle United benefits from a partner that matches their ambition and drive for innovation. This synergy is crucial as both entities look forward to a promising season ahead.

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