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Manchester City’s brilliant success on the field is overshadowed by 115 Premier League charges over alleged financial breaches, with bookmakers indicating a 33% probability of a fine.

Short Summary:

  • 115 financial charges against Manchester City by the Premier League.
  • Potential outcomes range from fines to expulsion or points deduction.
  • Hearings are expected to occur later this year, with a decision likely in 2025.

The company’s blue skies, dotted with victory celebrations, have recently been overshadowed by a dark cloud: 115 financial charges brought against them by the Premier League in February 2023. These allegations, unprecedented in English football, have created an atmosphere of uncertainty around the future of the club.

City staunchly refutes the allegations, which relate to financial breaches over nine seasons. The club must present its case before an independent commission later this year, with a final verdict potentially delayed until the 2024-25 season.

How We Got Here

This protracted saga commenced over five years ago when the Premier League began investigating City following revelations from the Football Leaks documents, initially published by German newspaper Der Spiegel. The alleged breaches include inflating sponsorship deals with UAE-based companies and hiding certain costs off the balance sheet.

Similar financial irregularities had been investigated by UEFA in 2020, leading to a two-year ban from competitions and a €30m (£26m) fine. However, City successfully appealed this decision with the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), reducing the financial penalty and nullifying the suspension.

Since then, City has challenged the jurisdiction of Premier League arbitrators and fought to keep certain information confidential. However, they lost an appeal in the summer of 2021, leading to the public disclosure of the ongoing investigation.

On 6 February 2023, the Premier League formally charged City with 115 breaches, prompting the club to assert that they possessed a comprehensive body of irrefutable evidence against these accusations. In the subsequent months, cases involving Everton and Nottingham Forest resulted in point deductions, but City continues to await a final judgement.

Plausible Outcomes

As the independent commission proceedings loom, stakeholders speculate on various potential outcomes:


Some believe City may be exonerated, citing their past CAS victory as validation. However, the Premier League’s lack of a time limit, unlike UEFA’s five-year constraint, means charges dating back to the 2009-10 season could still hold water.

A Settlement Agreement

A hypothetical resolution involves a settlement between City and the Premier League, potentially involving fines instead of more severe sanctions. This avoids the complexities of a full hearing but might leave other clubs dissatisfied, especially considering recent point deductions for similar breaches.

Points Deductions and Harsher Penalties

If found guilty, City could face hefty fines, significant points deductions, or even expulsion from the Premier League. The severity hinges on the number of charges sustained and the extent of the breaches. Past instances with clubs like Everton offer some guidance, though City’s situation is more complex and high-profile.

“Expulsion from the Premier League wouldn’t be just hyperbole. It would be a realistic outcome if they were found guilty of the charges.”

— A sports lawyer on the potential severity of penalties.

Implications on the Football Community

If City faces severe sanctions, it could ripple across the Premier League and international football. Title revocations and points deductions might retrospectively impact league standings and club achievements. Such a scenario recalls Juventus’ 2006 Serie A title stripping, leading to Inter Milan’s controversial victory recognition.

Yet, some believe that titles won through such resolutions might be seen as hollow victories by fans and players alike. Rival fans have criticised Liverpool’s 2020 title, affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, as less valid, indicating similar attitudes could follow any changes to City’s titles.

“If unlikely retrospective sporting action was taken against Manchester City’s titles, I’d want them to be made void. A title won is more than just the trophy: it’s the season itself, the games which won it or lost it for your side.”

— A fan’s perspective on retrospective title awards.

Bookmakers’ Predictions

Speculation has reached the bookmakers, with some predicting a 33% probability of City receiving a fine. The betting community remains agile, placing odds on potential relegation despite the club’s strong current performance in the league.

“The books don’t agree though, as Man City is still given +10000 odds, or an implied 1% chance to be relegated.”

— on the divergent views in the betting market.


Manchester City’s fate rests with the independent commission, which holds the power to determine their culpability and impose appropriate penalties. As the football community awaits the outcome, the speculation continues to stir debates among fans, heated discussions among experts, and strategic calculations by bookmakers. The club’s legal battles are far from over, and the future remains uncertain, not just for City but for all of English football.

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