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Sunderland fans, get ready to witness every moment of the club’s pre-season action live as SAFCLive unveils its comprehensive streaming package, ensuring you don’t miss a beat of your favourite team’s preparations.

Short Summary:

  • SAFCLive offers complete coverage of Sunderland’s pre-season matches.
  • Guidelines for new and existing users to access the stream.
  • Important information on viewing restrictions and technical requirements.

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Sunderland AFC fans, rejoice! With the pre-season action heating up, SAFCLive is making it easier than ever to catch every moment of excitement. Whether you’re a die-hard supporter in the UK or cheering from the other side of the globe, SAFCLive offers a seamless streaming experience tailored for all. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to ensure you’re ready to support the Black Cats with every click.

How to Access SAFCLive

The world of streaming can sometimes be complicated, but Sunderland AFC has simplified the process. The key change to note is that the SAFSee app has been discontinued. Users should now use the Sunderland AFC app, or access the stream directly via the video player available on the website for both desktop and mobile devices. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure you don’t miss out:

New Users

For those new to the system, just follow these steps:

  • Create an account by clicking here and selecting the streaming pass of your choice.
  • After completing the purchase, return to the streaming page and click the white play button at the top to start watching.

Existing Users

If you’re an existing user, the process is just as straightforward:

  • Navigate to the SAFC Live video page, click the white play button, then enter your email address and password to log in.
  • Select the pass you wish to purchase, complete your payment, and then launch the player again by clicking the white play button to start the stream.

“The SAFSee stream admittedly has had its challenges in the past,” admits club spokesman, “but we are continuously working to improve the viewing experience to match our fans’ passion.”

Viewing Restrictions and Availability

While SAFCLive strives to be globally accessible, there are some restrictions on its availability:

Watching in the UK

UK-based supporters face restrictions on certain fixtures:

  • Saturday matches at 3 PM are not available via the SAFC Live stream.
  • Sky Sports exclusive Championship selections, Carabao Cup fixtures, FA Cup fixtures, and Sky Bet Championship play-off matches are also excluded from streaming.
  • Non-televised midweek fixtures are, however, available.

International Supporters

For those outside the UK, Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, and Russia, here’s what you need to know:

  • Access is generally available for eligible fixtures, but any game selected for TV or international broadcast, as well as Carabao Cup, FA Cup, and Sky Bet Championship play-off matches, are excluded.

Technical Requirements

To ensure a smooth streaming experience, make sure your browser cookies are set to ‘allowed’ in your privacy and security settings. Safari users, especially those with versions 13.1 and onwards, need to enable cross-domain tracking for the login system to work correctly. Failing to do so may result in a frustrating login loop.

For further technical support, users can reach out to

The Streaming Experience

Despite the enthusiastic approach to streaming, some fans have raised concerns about the quality and reliability of the streams.

“The stream doesn’t always work for the full 90 minutes,” shared a long-time supporter. “I’ve sometimes missed crucial play moments due to unexpected disruptions.”

Additionally, the commentary of Frankie Francis, while heartfelt and full of enthusiasm, has received mixed reviews. Many fans appreciate his genuine support for the club but feel that professional-level commentary could enhance the overall viewing experience, especially during live matches.

Welcome Enhancements

One notable improvement that fans have called for is a higher standard of production quality. Suggestions include sourcing background music from local bands to make the experience more personalised and engaging. Moreover, the use of replays and multiple camera angles could significantly enhance viewing, providing fans with a more immersive experience.


The SAFCLive initiative is a commendable effort to keep Sunderland supporters connected with their favourite team. While there are areas for improvement, the steps taken thus far indicate a commitment to enhancing the fans’ experience. By addressing the current concerns and continuously updating the service, Sunderland AFC has the potential to offer one of the best streaming experiences in football.

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