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Facing accusations of withholding winnings totalling a staggering N950 million from its customers, SportyBet’s future hangs in the balance amid growing scrutiny and multiple petitions lodged against them.

Short Summary:

  • Several customers have accused SportyBet of withholding winnings and freezing accounts.
  • Petitions have been filed with various regulatory agencies, including the EFCC and the FCCPC.
  • Independent IT experts have questioned SportyBet’s claims of fraudulent activity by users.

The Growing Backlash Against SportyBet

SportyBet, a popular sports betting platform, is currently under fire as customers rally against the company, claiming they have been denied access to their accounts and winnings. The allegations have sparked significant concern, prompting a series of petitions to regulatory agencies including the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the Police Special Fraud Unit (SFU), and others.

Allegations of Non-payment

Anthony Anozie, one of the affected users, started betting on SportyBet in November 2023. After an initial deposit of N5 million, he managed to increase his balance to nearly N18 million through a series of successful bets. However, he soon found himself locked out of his account.

A frustrated Anozie shared,

“I have been in contact with their customer care agent since then, and anytime I provide the documents they requested from me, they will request more ridiculous ones. The last request was my international passport. I have pleaded and begged them to reopen the account to no avail.”

Similar Stories Emerge

Anozie’s case is not isolated. Several other users have come forward with similar complaints. Aleke Esther recounted her ordeal, stating,

“My problem with SportyBet is that my account has been locked for some time now and they refused to open it. I have sent the required documents their customer care agent asked me to send via email, yet my account remains locked. Please, I would like my account to be reopened. Thank you.”

Questionable Customer Service

According to these accounts, SportyBet’s customer service has reportedly ceased communication, leaving many users without answers and their funds trapped in the platform. The complaints highlight a series of verification requests that customers have deemed arbitrary and excessive, including demands for multiple forms of identification such as international passports and bank statements.

Another user highlighted issues with withdrawals, stating,

“SportyBet requested verification documents like bank statements and even a passport, which were all submitted, yet my account remained frozen.”

SportyBet’s Defence and Doubts

In response to these allegations, SportyBet has defended its actions by claiming that some customers used “bot technology” and engaged in “illegal automated bets.” These alleged activities, the company claims, justify the freezing of accounts and withholding of winnings.

However, independent IT experts have raised serious doubts about these claims, suggesting that SportyBet’s defence may not hold water.

“The explanations given by SportyBet about the use of illegal automated bets appear flawed based on our analysis,” an unnamed IT expert noted, adding weight to the customers’ demands for transparency.

Call for Regulatory Oversight

The debacle has escalated to the point where over 100 customers have filed petitions with various regulatory bodies. Their aim is to seek justice and transparency from SportyBet. The agencies involved include the EFCC, SFU, and the National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC).

There is a growing necessity for a thorough investigation into the matter. Regulatory bodies are expected to delve deep into these allegations to ascertain the validity of SportyBet’s claims against its users and to ensure fair play in the betting industry.

Impact on the Betting Community

The fallout from this situation could be extensive. The integrity of SportyBet is under severe threat, and the outcry from affected customers is making headlines. This controversy has not only tarnished the company’s reputation but has also raised concerns about potential systemic issues within the online betting industry.

Dr. Eze Anthony, an expert in consumer rights, emphasised the importance of transparency in such situations.

“When monetary stakes are involved, companies must ensure that their operations are transparent and fair. The integrity of the system relies on consumer trust, which, if lost, can be challenging to rebuild.”


The outcome of this ongoing investigation will set a significant precedent for the online betting community. Customers who have played by the rules are entitled to fair treatment and the resolution of their claims. As regulatory bodies continue their inquiries, the spotlight remains firmly on SportyBet to provide clear, concrete evidence to support its actions. Until then, the cloud of suspicion and dissatisfaction among its user base is unlikely to dissipate.

The industry and its observers await the final judgement, which could reshape how online betting platforms operate concerning customer service and dispute resolution.

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