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Superbet has secured a landmark sponsorship deal with Wisła Kraków, signifying a major commitment to the illustrious Polish club until 2027.

Short Summary:

  • Superbet signs a historic sponsorship deal with Wisła Kraków, lasting until 2027.
  • Wisła Kraków fans can contribute to the club’s academy through a unique fan code initiative.
  • The partnership aims to help Wisła Kraków achieve ambitious sports and development goals.

Complete Story:

Renowned sportsbook Superbet has announced an innovative and long-term sponsorship agreement with Wisła Kraków, one of Poland’s most celebrated football teams. This partnership, extending until 2027, positions Superbet as the official bookmaker and a key sponsor for the club. The Superbet logo will prominently adorn the back of Wisła Kraków’s first team match shirts.

The timing of this deal solidifies Superbet’s stature in the sports betting industry while providing significant financial support and promotional opportunities to Wisła Kraków. Founded in Romania in 2009, Superbet has quickly expanded its footprint across Central and Eastern Europe, now boasting more than 1,200 locations and a workforce exceeding 3,500 members. Their extensive experience in both online and offline betting makes them a versatile partner capable of enriching Wisła Kraków’s endeavours.

“We consider this partnership a key milestone for our brand and view it as a long-term commitment, with the agreement in place until at least 2027. We have no doubt that we are now sponsoring one of the most important clubs in Polish football, and we believe the Club will soon reclaim its rightful place. We want to be part of this journey and, together with the fans, write a new and fantastic chapter in our brand’s history,” said Lukasz Seweryniak, General Manager of Superbet Poland.

Wisła Kraków, with its rich history as a thirteen-time Polish champion, commands a loyal fanbase that spans generations. Through this partnership, Superbet is set to adopt a ‘pro-fan’ approach, offering exclusive benefits for Wisła fans. By registering with the code ‘JAZDA,’ fans not only gain access to specialised perks but also contribute directly to the club’s academy, fostering the growth of young talent within the club.

“We are delighted that Superbet is joining the sponsors of Wisła Kraków! It is tremendous support and motivation for our further development. Thanks to Superbet, we can set even more ambitious sports and development goals. I am particularly pleased that our business partner is a company with such a talented team of people. Together, it will be great,” emphasised Jaroslaw Krolewski, President of Wisła Kraków SA.

This partnership also cements its place as a stepping stone for Wisła Kraków to reach new heights. According to Krolewski, this agreement is the most valuable in the club’s history for a part of the jersey under the number, surpassing past sponsorship deals in terms of financial and community value.

Superbet’s influence is not limited to Poland; the brand recently broadened its horizons by partnering with game developer Swintt. This previous collaboration enhanced the sportsbook’s global reach, delivering Swintt’s comprehensive portfolio of games to Superbet’s extensive customer base. Such strategic relationships showcase Superbet’s ongoing commitment to growth and innovation, as well as their ability to bring added value to every partnership.

“The role of the official sponsor of a club such as Wisła Kraków is a great pride and responsibility for us. In terms of the strength of the community or position in Polish football, the White Star is undoubtedly one of the largest clubs in our country. We treat this cooperation as one of the key ones for our brand and we look at it in the long term, hence the decision to conclude an agreement valid at least until 2027. We have no doubt that today we are becoming the sponsor of one of the most important clubs for our football, and we also have no doubt that the club will soon return to its rightful place. We want to be part of this path and together with the fans write a new, great history of the Wisła Kraków brand,” reiterated Seweryniak.

From a strategic perspective, this partnership will not only elevate Wisła Kraków’s profile but also align with Superbet’s vision of making a substantive impact in the sports community. Recognition from both national and international marketing experts underscores Superbet’s excellence, having earned accolades like the Best Sports Sponsor at the “Sport Biznes Polska” gala and a nomination for the esteemed EGR Marketing & Innovations award.

Superbet’s dynamic approaches and innovative business models keep it at the forefront of the betting and gaming industry. Its user-friendly platforms and numerous awards affirm its popularity and effectiveness. Superbet was named the Best Bookmaker, Best Mobile Application, Best Live Offer, Best Football Offer, Best Marketing, and User Awards in various categories, demonstrating its significant market presence and capability to cater to a wide audience.

This lucrative deal marks a significant chapter in both Wisła Kraków and Superbet’s histories, portending a future filled with promising athletic achievements and robust community engagement. The partnership’s unique approach encourages fans to take an active role in supporting their team, thereby fostering a culture of inclusivity and shared growth.

As the White Star’s new journey under Superbet’s sponsorship begins, all eyes will be on the milestones they achieve together. Fans are particularly excited about the many perks and opportunities to get involved, making this partnership not just a commercial agreement but a collaborative and heartfelt engagement for everyone involved.

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