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Yeardley Smith, the iconic voice of Lisa Simpson, delves into her unique career, her captivating true crime podcast, and her remarkable journey with The Simpsons in an exclusive interview.

Short Summary:

  • Yeardley Smith discusses her career as a voice actor, particularly her role as Lisa Simpson.
  • She sheds light on her true crime podcast, “Small Town Dicks,” co-hosted with retired detectives.
  • Smith provides insight into the enduring success and evolution of The Simpsons.

The Real-Life Lisa Simpson Sheds Light on Captivating True Crime Stories

Yeardley Smith, famously known as the voice behind Lisa Simpson for the past 34 seasons, recently sat down with Adam for an in-depth conversation. Smith’s career in voice acting is a testament to turning what many saw as a weakness—her unique voice—into a substantial strength. Reflecting on her journey, Smith shared how her role in The Simpsons came to be, her daily routines, and her eclectic hobbies, especially her rise as a true crime aficionado.

Among the many topics discussed, Smith opened up about the inception and success of her true-crime podcast, Small Town Dicks. This podcast, co-hosted with retired identical twin detectives Dan and Dave, dives into intriguing and dark crimes from small towns across the U.S. “Big-time crime is happening in small towns all over the USA,” Smith explains, emphasising the surprising gravity and frequency of such incidents.

Smith elaborates on her role, “I don’t do a lot of talking. The cases are phenomenal.”

From grisly murders to bank heists, Small Town Dicks has captivated audiences by exploring real-life small-town crimes. Notably, this podcast takes a holistic approach, often delving into the emotional and psychological impacts of crimes on both victims and law enforcement. It’s a telling reminder of how crime touches all facets of life, even in the seemingly quietest corners of America.

A Day in the Life of Yeardley Smith

On Thursdays, Smith’s home becomes a whirlwind of activity. As she juggles interviews, like the one conducted through Zoom amidst a backdrop of silk scarves and frilly tops, interruptions by her cats Zipper and Petunia are common. “The gardeners are here with the leaf blowers. My housekeeper and her two sisters always come on Thursdays,” Smith remarks, shedding light on her bustling home environment.

Smith’s personal life has also intertwined with her professional one. She married Detective Dan in June 2022 after an eight-year relationship, making it her third marriage but his first. This union adds another layer to her life as she balances being a celebrity and maintaining personal privacy.

Smith reflects, “If you’re married to a detective, they’re programmed to never give anything away, just as if they’re interrogating a suspect.”

On the downsides, Smith shares that her celebrity status often brings unwelcome attention, such as fans tracking her flights and asking for selfies at the airport. However, she maintains a balance between fan expectations and personal space, often kindly limiting autographs to one per person.

The Lifelong Journey with Lisa Simpson

Her portrayal of Lisa Simpson remains an endearing yet challenging role. “I find Lisa Simpson so unbelievably adorable, sweet, and cute. I love that little girl like a three-dimensional living, breathing, red-blooded eight-year-old,” Smith reveals fondly. Despite her character’s flaws—such as no hairline and a significant overbite—Smith treasures the layers of Lisa’s personality.

When asked about the longevity of The Simpsons, Smith is hopeful. Even though the 35th and 36th seasons are yet to be officially renewed, she points out the show’s continual Emmy nominations and recognition, such as being voted the second greatest TV show of all time by Rolling Stone. The series remains culturally relevant, handling current issues with episodes like “Lisa’s Belly,” which tackles body anxiety.

“To stay relevant you have to adapt… There will always be people who say, ‘It hasn’t been good since season 10 or season 12,’ although these are generally people who haven’t actually watched The Simpsons since then,” Smith notes.

Smith’s candid reflections give insight into the show’s adaptive nature and her role in ensuring it resonates with today’s audience. With episodes tackling modern concerns and offering levity, The Simpsons persists as a staple in television.

The Intersection of Crime and Fame

Smith also shares the profound connection between Lisa Simpson and her work on Small Town Dicks. The podcast’s storytelling, particularly from interviews with small-town detectives, has gained vast popularity, often interweaving the gallows humour necessary to handle darker subject matter. This cross-disciplinary appeal even led to her voicing herself in a Simpsons episode titled “Podcast News,” where Grampa Simpson is embroiled in a scandal.

Smith’s multifaceted career doesn’t stop at voice acting and podcasting. Her production company, Paperclip LTD, recently produced an indie film, and she remains highly involved in the editing process of each podcast episode. With a demanding schedule described humorously as “doing nine jobs at once,” Smith exemplifies the adaptability inherent in both her personal and professional realms.

“Nobody is just listening to a podcast,” she reasons. “Everyone is doing something else – walking the dog, making dinner, driving… You have to make sure people can follow.”

Despite her exhaustive workload, Smith finds solace and inspiration in the character she voices. Drawing parallels between herself and Lisa, Smith acknowledges their shared resilience and adaptability, hallmark traits of both the character and the actress.

The Simpsons’ Impact on Society

Reflecting on the show’s cultural impact, Smith notes The Simpsons’ uncanny knack for predicting future events, from presidential elections to technological advancements. “I have a multilayered theory,” laughs Smith. “One, we’ve predicted many things that don’t come true and nobody talks about. Two, as quantum physics states, we’re all made of the same matter with collective consciousness. And three, if you’re on for 34 seasons, you’d better get something right…”

This remarkable ability to foresee events contributes to the show’s legacy, making The Simpsons a subject of endless fascination. When asked if Lisa might become president, a question many fans ponder, Smith humorously clarifies, “There was a big push a couple of years ago: Lisa for president. Then they said: Yeardley for president. I said: ‘No. Let’s be clear. You want Lisa Simpson to be president and you want 24 writers behind her as her cabinet?’”

As our conversation draws to a close, Smith’s enthusiasm and commitment to her work become ever more apparent. With ongoing projects and the possibility of The Simpsons continuing for seasons to come, Smith’s journey promises to remain as dynamic and inspiring as the characters she brings to life.

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