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Fans of The Simpsons were left astounded upon discovering that a 1992 episode might have predicted the viral moment of the ‘Hawk Tuah’ girl, Hailey Welch.

Short Summary:

  • Hailey Welch, known for her viral ‘Hawk Tuah’ catchphrase, became famous after a street interview.
  • A scene from a 1992 Simpsons episode bears a striking resemblance to Welch’s viral moment.
  • Fans are amazed, claiming once again that The Simpsons ‘predicted’ a real-life event.

In a recent social media phenomenon, Hailey Welch, also known as the ‘Hawk Tuah’ girl, captured the internet’s attention after providing risqué advice in a street interview conducted by Tim and Dee TV. The interview took place on the bustling streets of Nashville, Tennessee, where the duo posed a provocative question to Welch: “What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?”

Without hesitation, Welch demonstrated her unique technique with gusto, accompanied by the phrase, “You gotta give it that ‘hawk tuah,’ and spit on that thing!” This explicit advice, complete with sound effects, propelled Welch into viral fame almost overnight. It wasn’t long before she capitalised on her newfound popularity by launching her merchandise line, featuring the now-iconic phrase.

As the clip circulated rapidly across social media platforms, some perceptive fans of The Simpsons drew parallels to a scene from a 1992 episode titled ‘New Kid on the Block.’ In this episode from Season 4, Bart Simpson develops a crush on his older neighbour, Laura Powers. In a memorable scene, Laura tells Bart’s fortune and then dramatically spits into his palm, much to his delight.

The Viral Connection:

The similarity between Welch’s moment and Laura’s scene in The Simpsons intrigued fans, who then took to X (formerly Twitter) to express their bewilderment and amusement. One user commented, “The Simpsons did hawk tuah decades ago,” while another remarked, “Bart falls in love after she spits on that thang… or Bart’s hand anyway.”

“Did the Simpsons predict Hawk Tuah? Season 4, Episode 8, ‘New Kid on the Block.’ Bart falls in love after she spits on that thang… or Bart’s hand anyway.” – Wayne Carter on X

This isn’t the first time The Simpsons has been credited with predicting real-life events. The animated series has a long history of seemingly foretelling the future, whether it’s the presidency of Donald Trump or the discoveries of Higgs Boson particles. This uncanny knack for prediction has turned into a meme of its own, with fans eagerly pointing out each new ‘prediction’ with humour and awe.

Hailey Welch’s Meteoric Rise:

Following her viral fame, Hailey Welch quickly took advantage of the spotlight, collaborating with Fathead Threads on a line of merchandise. This includes various apparel items emblazoned with her signature catchphrase. According to Rolling Stone, the collaboration has been remarkably profitable, with reported earnings exceeding $65,000.

The viral clip propelling Welch to fame was initially uploaded on June 24, 2024, and has since garnered millions of views. Her sudden popularity led internet sleuths to uncover more about her life, revealing various aspects of her personal and professional background, although some speculation – such as her rumoured job loss – remains unverified.

Despite the controversies, praise, and obsession from fans, Welch’s ‘Hawk Tuah’ moment underscored the pervasive impact of viral content in today’s digital age. Moreover, it reinforced the idea that The Simpsons might just have a crystal ball when it comes to foreseeing pop culture phenomena.

Cultural and Social Media Reactions:

Beyond her commercial ventures, Welch’s internet fame has fostered significant social media chatter. Users have amusingly dissected the similarities between her actions and those of Laura from The Simpsons. Some have even lamented Laura’s limited appearance in the series, suggesting she should have been a recurring character.

“They actually predicted a lot of s***. It’s kind of crazy.” – Random X User

Other users have drawn comparisons between Welch and characters from popular video games like Street Fighter, merging different aspects of pop culture through humorous commentary.

“All this talk about Hawk Tuah reminded me of this Street Fighter character, T. Hawk. So, I pictured something like this in my mind… I was totally wrong.” – Random X User

Such comments depict a broader cultural phenomenon where internet users actively engage with and interpret media through nostalgic and contemporary lenses. Additionally, the phenomenon signifies how interconnected and rapid information dissemination fosters an environment where past and present media converge, often humourously.

Tim and Dee TV: The Catalyst:

On the streets of Nashville, Tim and Dee TV continue to explore content creation through engaging street interviews. Their encounter with Welch wasn’t just another video; it turned into a cultural moment that resonated far and wide. Their YouTube channel has since seen increased traction as viewers flock to witness the ‘Hawk Tuah’ video and other amusing street-side interviews.

As creators, Tim and Dee have expressed astonishment at the unexpected viral sensation, acknowledging how unpredictable content creation can be. They continue to record and ask bold questions, engendering spontaneous and viral-worthy moments.

The Simpsons’ Legacy:

‘New Kid on the Block,’ written by Conan O’Brien and directed by Wes Archer, might have become just another nostalgic episode if not for the internet’s recent rediscovery of the ‘hawk tuah’ scene. It exemplifies the timelessness and cultural relevance of The Simpsons, whose episodes often gain renewed significance when juxtaposed against modern happenings.

As fans revisit classic episodes, they frequently uncover more ‘predictions’ embedded in the show’s vast, humorous narrative tapestry. Though many connections might be coincidental or exaggerated, they serve as testament to the longevity and influence of The Simpsons. From foretelling global events to predicting quirky cultural moments, the series remains an indelible part of contemporary media analysis.


The tale of Hailey Welch, aka the ‘Hawk Tuah’ girl, intertwined with a nearly three-decade-old episode of The Simpsons epitomises the unpredictable fusion of past and present in today’s digital world. While it might be a stretch to claim The Simpsons predicted Welch’s viral moment, the humorous comparisons underscore the show’s enduring relevance and the internet’s boundless creativity in linking disparate media.


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