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Windows Weekly 889 brings detailed discussions on the groundbreaking advancements in Windows 11 on Arm, Snapdragon X, and insights on various Microsoft technologies and products by Leo, Richard, and Paul.

Short Summary:

  • Microsoft and Qualcomm’s Windows 11 on Arm/Snapdragon X collaboration has made significant strides.
  • Insightful updates on Windows 11, AI in Microsoft 365, and Xbox developments.
  • Exciting picks and tips for tech enthusiasts.

Microsoft and Qualcomm’s Leap Forward

This week’s Windows Weekly episode illuminates significant progress by Microsoft and Qualcomm in making Windows 11 on Arm both viable and desirable. Paul Thurrott reflects on the journey which has taken 14 years to culminate in what he describes as an “incredible platform.” While acknowledging that no system is perfect, Thurrott elaborates on the efficiency of the platform.

Paul’s hands-on experience with Lenovo’s Yoga Slim 7x revealed extensive app and game compatibility, with only Google Drive presenting issues. He observed substantial video encoding performance comparisons among Snapdragon X, Core Ultra 9 H-series, and MacBook Air M3. His impressions of the battery life were also hopeful, noting about 10 hours for the Yoga Slim 9x and Surface Laptop versus 15 hours for the MacBook Air.

Thurrott encountered minimal hardware compatibility hiccups, with the Focusrite being the only device that failed to function. Overall, the user experience, enriched by impressive battery performances and hardware compatibility, nudges the platform towards becoming a preferred choice.

Windows 11 Updates and Insights

Windows 11’s development does not yet cease to fascinate tech enthusiasts. Although last Tuesday, Windows 11 version 24H2 missed its Week D preview update, the belated release bore no new features, leaving a light Patch Tuesday ahead for 24H2. Conversely, versions 22H2 and 23H2 previously picked up a significant Week D update, ensuring a meaningful Patch Tuesday.

By July’s Patch Tuesday, users can expect versions 22H2, 23H2, and 24H2 to share a consistent feature set, simplified through progressive updates. Microsoft’s attentive approach to feedback and incremental improvements reinforces their ongoing commitment to enhance the Windows 11 experience.

AI and Microsoft 365 Developments

Artificial Intelligence continues to reshape Microsoft 365’s landscape. The European Commission’s ongoing investigation into the Microsoft/OpenAI partnership signifies trust and regulatory scrutiny in this evolving relationship. As tech-enthusiasts watch closely, intriguing features introduced in Excel for Copilot and Microsoft Teams indicate substantial enhancements.

July’s updates promise further Copilot integration, with OneNote’s recognition of handwritten texts standing out as a remarkable blast from the past—akin to 2002’s technology. Google stays competitive, advancing its Google Translate to support 110 new languages. Brave browser’s latest BYOM (Bring Your Own Model) plan illustrates the increasing democratisation of AI, empowering users with adaptable, innovative tools.

Xbox and Gaming Highlights

The gaming segment saw notable mentions too. Leo, Richard, and Paul discussed Xbox Cloud Gaming’s robust innovations and its implications for competitors like Amazon. However, certain features stirred the community: the looming delisting of Forza Horizon 4 on 15 December onward has fans questioning the rationale behind discontinuing support for a beloved title from 2018.

Tech Tips and Picks

This episode brings valuable recommendations for tech aficionados:

  • Tip of the Week: Receive $10 off Tony Redmond’s 11th Edition of “Office 365 for IT Pros,” delving deep into Microsoft 365’s extensive ecosystem with comprehensive monthly updates.
  • App Pick of the Week: Utilise Docs in Proton Drive, stepping up as a noteworthy Google Docs alternative.
  • RunAs Radio Highlight: Explore “NGINX as a Service” with Buu Lam.
  • Brown Liquor Pick of the Week: Enjoy the timeless Jack Daniels Old No. 7.

Concluding Reflections

Windows Weekly 889 encapsulates a week of progressive developments across multiple Microsoft domains. From evolving AI applications to the nuanced advances in Windows 11 on Arm/Snapdragon, listeners gain a comprehensive understanding of how strategic partnerships and innovations are shaping the future landscape of computing.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes, available at Windows Weekly YouTube channel. For ad-free experiences, consider joining Club TWiT.

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