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In a recent episode of Windows Weekly, titled “Windows Weekly 889: Search for the Cerulean Penguin,” hosts Leo Laporte, Paul Thurrott, and Richard Campbell dissect the latest in Microsoft news, including advancements in Windows 11 on Arm, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X, and much more.

Short Summary:

  • Microsoft and Qualcomm’s success with Windows 11 on Arm.
  • Insights into Microsoft’s updates and AI features.
  • Xbox updates and the delisting of Forza Horizon 4.

Windows Weekly 889: Search for the Cerulean Penguin

In the latest episode of Windows Weekly, the discussion opens with a groundbreaking revelation: Microsoft’s and Qualcomm’s combined efforts have made Windows 11 on Arm not only viable but desirable. “Mission accomplished,” Paul Thurrott declares, summing up over a decade of refinement and development.

Microsoft and Qualcomm: A Decade in the Making

Paul Thurrott shares his hands-on experience with various devices, particularly the Yoga Slim 7x he recently acquired. He highlights significant app compatibility, noting that only Google Drive had issues. Gaming tests, including extensive playing of DOOM (2016), revealed only minor driver-related hiccups.

“The Yoga Slim 7x, running Windows 11 on Arm, tackled all games save one, and even outperformed in video encoding against Snapdragon X and other CPUs,” said Paul.

Hardware Compatibility and Battery Performance

The discussion then moves to hardware compatibility and battery life, two crucial aspects for any platform. According to Paul, besides the Focusrite device, which didn’t work, most hardware functioned seamlessly. Moreover, the Yoga Slim 9x and Surface Laptop showed impressive battery life, clocking approximately 10 hours, although this was shorter than the MacBook Air’s 15 hours.

Windows 11 Updates

Leo and Richard highlight the belated Week D preview update for Windows 11 version 24H2. Despite lacking new features, upcoming Patch Tuesdays will bring meaningful updates, particularly for the 22H2 and 23H2 versions. Canary, Dev, and Beta channels received some minor tweaks but nothing major.

“As of July’s Patch Tuesday, 22H2, 23H2, and 24H2 will all provide the same basic feature set,” Richard notes, streamlining the Windows experience across versions.

Integrating AI within Microsoft 365

The podcast also delves into exciting AI advancements. The European Commission’s investigation into Microsoft/OpenAI’s partnership features prominently, with jests about Ken Starr’s involvement. More practically, Microsoft’s Copilot tool is getting smarter, now recognising handwritten text in OneNote, a feature reminiscent of 2002’s technology.

Additional developments include Google’s Pixel 9 family promoting “Google AI” capabilities and Google’s Translate service supporting 110 new languages, all thanks to AI’s meteoric rise.

Xbox Updates

Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem, a frequent subject of interest, didn’t go unnoticed either. Xbox Cloud Gaming is making strides, even affecting Amazon’s Fire Stick market. The hosts discuss the puzzling delisting of Forza Horizon 4 scheduled for December 15.

“It’s a strange move, especially considering the game’s popularity,” muses Leo. Yet, there’s excitement for the next Forza instalment and other titles on Xbox Game Pass.

Tips and Picks

  • Tip of the Week: Tony Redmond’s Office 365 for IT Pros 11th Edition is now out with a $10 discount for listeners.
  • App Pick: Docs in Proton Drive, a promising alternative to Google Docs.
  • RunAs Radio: A discussion with Buu Lam on NGINX as a Service.
  • Brown Liquor Pick: Jack Daniels Old No. 7, a classic.

Closing Thoughts and Insights

As the episode winds down, there’s a palpable sense of achievement regarding the evolution of Windows 11 on Arm. Paul’s observations, supported by his first-hand experiences, paint a bright future for this platform. The Windows Weekly podcast continues to offer invaluable insights into Microsoft’s past, present, and future movements.

For those looking to stay informed about Microsoft’s ecosystem, tuning in to Windows Weekly is a must. Listen and subscribe here to be part of the discussion and catch up on the latest in Windows updates, tech tips, and more.

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